...we make it happen!

Our Ellaway Family at our 15 year Celebration

...all together in Boston.

…all together in Boston.




Elizabeth A. Deignan
is the president of Ellaway Property Services and a great cheerleader for our clients and the Connection Program. Before starting Ellaway in 1999, Liza was a project manager in the technology industry and moved to Woodstock in 1988 to open a bed and breakfast in the center of Woodstock Village. Liza believes wholeheartedly in supporting the community and has sat on many Boards over the years including the Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce and the Ottauquechee Health Foundation. She is currently President of the Thompson Center board. Liza contributes to Ellaway with her project management skills and ability to assist clients to attain their dreams. email Liza.
  Dan Bellmore
hails from Maine and spent many years in banking with a stint in retail sales in the middle of his career.  Dan retired from banking in 2006 and helped establish Ellaway’s Attic Selective Consignment shop in Woodstock Village. Dan uses his business degrees at Ellaway Property Services when we need his expertise but he loves arranging consignments for The Attic.
Dan and Liza married in 2003 and they spend their free time traveling and with their family. email
  Nancy Mills
brings her many years of bookkeeping and gardening skills, as well as construction knowledge, to the Ellaway team. We could not have a better Finance Director but we are grateful that Nancy is so well rounded (she loves to organize closets and kitchens!). In her spare time, Nancy is devoted to her passions of antique hooked rug repair and making lampshades and pillows from vintage linens.  She is the real artist in the group, and painted our 2006 New Years card! email
  Wittie Lynn
is the source of all computer assistance at Ellaway though she is really our Marketing Director. In her previous life, Wittie managed computer support departments and taught computer skills in NYC.  She moved to Woodstock in the early 90’s and ran Aubergine (a most unusual kitchen store in Woodstock) with her husband. In 2001 Wittie joined Ellaway part time to do bookkeeping and some computer graphics work. In her free time, Wittie is not an artist but we convinced her to paint the Ellaway 2005 New Year’s card. It’s great – want to see it? Wittie loves to travel and has now moved to Switzerland. Still working though! email
  Norm Frates Sr.
is our treasured handyman. Norm retired from serving as the principal at Woodstock Elementary School after many years. We are sharing Norm’s “golden years” with him keeping him very busy with all our clients’ small repair projects and endless “odd jobs”.
  Fiona McElwain
moved to Woodstock from Canada years ago and we are grateful for her fabulous eye for flowers!  During this time she has enjoyed being involved with community organizations such as the Woodstock Garden Club, Pentangle Council on the Arts and the Woodstock Historical Society. Her long association with Ellaway Property Services has allowed her to take her love of gardening and run with it to other people’s properties as well as her own!
  Jill Hastings
recently moved to Woodstock from Barnard Vermont and previously from Eastern Long Island (where she owned and operated a gourmet shop and catering business for many years).  Jill’s love of the outdoors drew her to the Ellaway gardening team.  Since then, Ellaway’s Attic has lured Jill inside the shop and she is a natural! Jill also contributes to the Concierge Services team with great household organization skills – she’s awesome! She is active with local organizations, connecting with Zack’s Place, Woodstock Historical Society, Pentangle Arts Council and the Woodstock Garden Club.
  Kit Mead
moved to Woodstock over twenty years ago and is the reason our Concierge Services team is such a fun and successful Ellaway organization.  Kit has great style and puts it to work for our clients’ families and in their homes – making them a joyful place to live. Kit is a member of the Woodstock Garden Club and is a wonderful painter!
Click here to see her work.      email Kit
  Marsha Fraser
has lived in the area since 1971.  She was an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming and Alaska and a tour leader for Bike Vermont  Marsha loves sailing her trimaran on Lake Champlain, Nordic skating. kitewing skating and skiing, alpine skiing, sailing, bicyling, hiking.  Once upon a time, she was a property manager and contractor, working for many years in the Killington region and Florida.  In her spare time she is our lead project manager and careens into work on her motorcycle. email
Bo Gibbs
escaped from the nation’s capital and moved to Woodstock in the early 70’s. She spent her retail life at Bloemenwinkel, a flower shop in Lebanon.  Bo is now Ellaway’s Landscape and Grounds Manager, keeping our Clients’ properties healthy and beautiful.  If she is not here, you can find her pruning, working in a garden or walking her Labradoodle puppy Tillie. We all still miss Lucy so much. email
Karin Chamberlin
is Ellaway’s Housecheck Coordinator. She grew up in the area, and spent many years in retail. She enjoys the outdoors and tropical beaches, but especially loves competing at fairs with her team of ponies, husband and dog Thunder. email
Jo JoAnn Morgan
is a wonderful local gal who has spent most of her career in the hospitality industry and you will sense that in her Client Services Coordinator role here at Ellaway. JoAnn also spent some time at Leonard’s Gas Company where she learned all sorts of important things about solving home heating crises (so helpful!). When not here in the office, you’ll see JoAnn walking, winning at horseshoes, fishing and enjoying her family and friends. email
Jane Metcalf
was an elementary school teacher for 30 years.  Upon retirement, she joined the Ellaway Team as a gardener and Ellaway Archivist.  She enjoys doing volunteer work in the Upper Valley as well as sewing, playing accordion, and traveling to far away places.
Nat Williams
has been a resident of the Woodstock area for many years, working and raising a family. As Repairs and Maintenance Manager he brings a variety of skills to the table, from carpentry to painting and most everything in between. On weekends he can be found at the Town Hall Theater, greeting customers and keeping the movies rolling. Another on-going project is to re-kindle a somewhat dormant musical career as a guitar player and band member. email
DavidD David Deignan
David has been part of the Ellaway Group since we opened our doors in 1999.  After years of helping us seasonally with his myriad of handy and clever talents, David is now part of our full-time family, sharing his time between Ellaway’s Attic and Ellaway Property Services.  A project with David involved is even more fun! email
Trina Trina Schutz Perkins
moved to Vermont in 1997 and has been a Property Manager with Ellaway since the summer of 2000 – with the exception of a traveling working sabbatical from 2011–2015.  She has enjoyed various Administration and Customer Service positions throughout her career.  In her time off, Trina enjoys camping, hiking, and paper crafting, along with frequent trips to family at her hometown in Delaware.   email
Stacy Selbo
is a member of our financial team. After moving to Vermont from Atlanta in 2004 with her husband and 3 boys, she was involved with the boys activities and in the area community; now she is thrilled to be back in the business world with Ellaway, calling on her previous work experience in finance, property management and marketing. email

Norm Dupuis
Norm has been married over 30 years, has lived in Reading since the 1990s and has two grown sons. He is a Coast Guard veteran and spent the first part of his working life in the building trades, both residential and commercial, including having had his own carpentry business. Now, after a 20 year career in the telecommunications industry doing installation and repair, he brings his varied experience to Ellaway Property Services. email


Brenda Byrne
is a member of our Financial Team and our new Technical Team. She has a degree in computer science and worked as a Web Operations Manager in Colorado. She and her husband moved to Woodstock in 2010 and have three Elementary aged kids. She spends most of her “free time” actively involved in the Elementary school and the kids’ extracurricular activities. When not at the school or kid related event her hobbies include running, camping, crocheting and knitting.   email Brenda.


Lynne McEvoy
moved back home to Vermont with her husband after living in Texas for 18 years. While raising 3 children, Lynne has been working in Sales and marketing for over 20 years. She hopes to follow her father’s footsteps at Ellaway Property Services where he as worked for 18 years. In her free time she enjoys her family and friends. email Lynne.


Dean Merrill
is a recent addition to Ellaway’s team. Having run a farm for decades, he has a wide range of skills and talents. He has many years of carpentry experience with a local firm and has done a variety of building projects, including four of his own homes. Dean and his wife live in Pomfret with their two dogs.

Ellen Bartlett
retired from Ellaway in 2014 after 14 years. Ellen passed away unexpectedly in 2016 and we keep her in our hearts.
  Pam Van Horn
retired from Ellaway a few years ago.  Ellaway is built on the foundation that Pam established in the 1990’s with her company Community Management Services.  After spending many years volunteering with the Red Cross Disaster Action Team and Civil Air Patrol, Pam went to nursing school and now is an RN and has moved to Florida.  We drag her back in summer to garden with us for a few months… lucky us!
  Karen Harkins
retired from Ellaway in 2018. She still lives in the area and loves playing golf and sitting at any ocean beach.