• Pre arrival request (at the last minute!):
    … It would be very helpful if someone could go by the house today, turn on the a/c, and leave a couple of lights on.

    “Thanks so much.  You all do such a great job and are such a blessing.”

  • Concierge services client from NY:

    “You are like a magic fairy. I wish I had you at home here!!!  Thanks for your efficiency.”

  • Celebrating the completion of a complex renovation:

    “You are all delightful, professional and just altogether wonderful!”

  • Sadly moving from Woodstock:

    “Big step to get it all moved out and on its way…  You were wonderful – thorough and patient and cheerful.  As my parents and I always say, we can’t imagine our lives without your help and friendship.”

  • Our new Woodstock vacation home:

    “Ellaway Angels, Thanks so much for taking care of my crazy delivery from Texas. Your team was wonderful and so service minded. I can’t express to you how much it means to not worry about the delivery anymore!! Thanks again and lots of hugs to everyone from our family.”

  • Considering renting their Woodstock home:

    “Everyone at Ellaway has been SO friendly and helpful; we appreciate it very much!”

  • We arrived last night…

    “…and are delighted to see the house and property looking so well.
    We especially love the flowers and plantings. Many thanks to you and your hard-working team.

  • After the holidays…

    “We had a wonderful, wonderful time.  Thanks for everything.  No way we could host and have fun without worry – without all of you!”

  • I want to say how immensely grateful we are that Ellaway to provides us with such wonderfully reliable and thoughtful services.  Thank you!

    At first we hesitated spending the money, but the peace of mind we have received is worth every penny.  It sure makes it easier for us to escape six weeks of winter, worry-free.”

  • Home from Florida:

    “With thanks for an excellent job. The house was lovely to come back to, and all of your efforts showed nicely!”

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